Welcome to My Profile — October 2021

About Me

Right now, today, I’m a video editor working on short-form documentaries for clients in Silicon Valley. I co-run a media practice and write speculative fiction about the impact of technology on human relationships and society. Two years ago, I was a cyber security analyst in London. And before that —…

How careers coaches and mentors could actually offer some real advice

Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

The narrative was so familiar, that it slipped into my ears almost unnoticed. “You’ve got to be thirsty”, the agent on the other side of the Zoom screen was saying, “When I was younger, I was the thirstiest one out there. I got where I am because I worked harder…

How learning to dance is teaching me how to fail

Photo by author

I have never been ‘a dancer’. Sometimes, if I’m doing a yoga pose with fancy fingers, or standing in a queue with my legs splayed quasi-ballet style, people ask me if I’m a dancer. But I tell them no. I just dance.

I danced as a ten-year-old in a sequined…

A message from a (mostly) reformed existentialist

Photo by elaine alex on Unsplash

The concept of Heaven used to leave me paralysed with terror. My stomach would clench and drop, my heart-rate would accelerate, my mind would twist into black knots as I strained to imagine the unimaginable experience of eternity. Wandering, alone, in eucalyptus-scented scrub at sunset, a day’s worth of family…

Re-entering the (high-risk! extreme!) world of social dance

Picture by Neo Soul

I used to breathe into the faces of strangers. We would lean into each others’ bodies and exhale politely through our noses, faces ten centimetres apart. We could learn the pace of each other’s hearts, speaking through our skins as our muscles synchronized in movement. On hot nights, we would…

What I’ve learnt about identity from a missing person’s case, QAnon, and the death of my father

Photo by Troy wade on Unsplash. Edited by the author.

What does it mean for something to be digital?

Half a century or so before Jesus was born, the Roman senator and philosopher Cicero wrote to a friend, complaining that he was being charged too much interest on a loan. The going rate of interest at the time was apparently 12 per cent. Cicero was being charged 48 per…

B J Robertson

Exploring somewhere between media and tech. Video editor. Former cyber security analyst. Australian Londoner living in Los Angeles.

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